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Hey folks I have a new business venture!!

Hey friends…I know its been a while since last I have posted and yes I have neglected this poor little blog of mine, but hey I am back and strong… I have a new challenge for me, I guess it wouldn’t be a challenge per say… See I am a single stay at home of 2 amazing girls. I am also starting college come September, Yes I am going back to school. Well, not really going back to school because I have been an online school since August of 2011 but because I have a disability I need to get out of the house, so I decided to embark on Campus based school and I am so excited, So enough about all that stuff, let get to the important matter on hand today!! hehe..

I decided I wanted to do some other things with my time, as if I didn’t have enough on my plate come September and all!! But I came into this awesome opportunity and I wanted to share it with all of you!!! Yep…I just found out about this opportunity I scooped up no more than 24 hours and I had to post about it today…

Now, here is the opportunity that I came across…This company is a direct sales company that offers home decor. Our company also includes a massive independent sales force of LifeStyle consultants across America. When I say it is amazing, boy do I mean it amazing!!! They even offer an amazing training kit so that each individual consultant can set up everything they need to set up. They also offer each consultant a how to guide to set up a home business Facebook page, Full compensation page, that is by far the most amazing one I have seen in a long time!!! As well as a week by week steps for success for each consultant for their first month. Talk about Amazing. I know I am saying it a lot but for something that is free to sign up, they sure are offer each individual LifeStyle Consultant that joins a lot of training materials with out charging them for it. Normally Companies charge something ya know, I have seen almost all companies charge for even the simplest training materials for a work at home position that is absurd. Normally, I would go by the saying, “If it is too good to be true, It probably is!” Not this time, folks…Not this time…This is the real deal when it comes to not charging anything to join and they give you everything you need to join but actually going out there for you and make each sale for you, I mean you still have to do the leg work and make the sales..lol..

Now, back to the company itself…AtHome.com, the company offers things like daily deals, limited time flash sales to further compliment our home decor. Our product lines include a wide variety of HomeWares, Home Accents, Candles, KitchenWare, Bed and Bath items, Personal care Products, Gardening and outdoor decor, different types of furniture, lighting of different sorts, As well as Seasonal items. We have it all.. Pretty much for every need and every want and hopefully its in your taste!!! Our goal is to aim to offer that Special touch to help decorate your home and make it the place you ultimately love to come home to and just sit back and relax in.

At home.com was started to Revolutionize the experience of shopping online for home decor. Not only do we offer our core products at discounted prices but additionally each day we feature one of our products at a deep discount. The concept of Athome.com is direct sales!! We offer flash sales with quality products. In our core lines of products we also feature weekly events of what we call flash sales of name brand products that are deeply discounted and folks when I say deeply discounted folks I am saying like over 50- 75% and then some at times.

So I just asking… What do you think…Wanna join our spectacular company, trust me your wont regret it and the best part is not only is it FREE but you also don’t have to worry about any of the stock to house, cause the company worries about that…you just have to find people to join…All you have to do is create a Facebook page and go from there…Talk to people and thats about it…Can’t get any better than that, and you get to enjoy the money come in and you can even do this in your jammies drinking coffee or soda!!!

All you have to do my dear friend is go to kellykufke.athome.com and sign up, once again it is FREE!!! and you can become your own boss and then you can get others to sign up under you!! Is that not a cool idea, and the best part is you dont have to do anything but be a mentor to and for them!!! So just click on kellykufke.athome.com and JOIN today!!!

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Are you interested in being your own boss?? I did and I am!!!

signatureIts worth it to join!!

Are you a stay at home mom or dad and you just want something to do and make some extra money at the same time or even a mom or dad that works outside the home but maybe wants to make some “rainy day cash”? I know since I am a stay at home mom who is starting college in the fall, I have been for sometime wanting nothing more than starting my own business from home and bring in some extra cash. Now I know that working from home does that dedication and time to really get the swing of it and also to bring in some cash…So one day I approach by someone on facebook asking if I wanted to make some extra money and being a representive/distributor of this new fitness and weight loss company. Now I know that I needed to my own bit of research on this company for several reasons and to my disbelief…I found out nothing bad..not a shred of information that spoke bad of this new up and coming company. The name of the company is BodyFx Direct and they are a fairly new company that is trying to build up their company by promoting it everywhere. They are in the process of starting their infomercials but they wanted to start getting people to join and become distributors or even coaches which are the big guys in the business before they really promoted the company full force. So I said what the heck..What on earth do I have to loose…I actually have everything to gain by getting in on the ground floor of this awesome company before they really get big, if you really think about it. So, Yep, that’s what I did. I signed up and became a new distributor or a representive either one you can call me. Soon after that, I was able to recruit, if you want to call it…two other people under me into the company…I was so excited and that was just by word of mouth over the computer on facebook…Unbelievable, can you believe it. Within an hour of joining the BodyFx family as they consider me, I was able to get two people signed up over facebook. It was that easy..I know what your thinking..Yes its like a pyramid thing but its better than most and you make more with this company, I couldn’t believe it when I went thru the pay plan tutorial. So…Come on join us and have fun while doing it..http://kkufke77.bodyfxdirect.com
Yes, I will tell ya a little, they are a fitness and weight loss company promoting fitness and wellness as well. Their products are all natural and just all around fabulous. I will be totally honest with ya’ll because that just how I am!! I haven’t personally tried any of them yet, but give me sometime and you better believe I am right there. Even tho I have health problems and even tho I have serious back problems I will still give their exercise program a shot…But if your unable to do that, they do have great supplements to that are just as wonderful. If you would like to take a look at them and try them out just check them here…http://getbodyfx.com/kkufke77 They have so many different supplements for all different things or reasons you would ever want. Just check em out and choose from one of them.

Now, I ask you once again…Come join us http://kkufke77.bodyfxdirect.com On our website, you can sign up to be either a distributor or even a coach which is the big guys…this is an awesome position to sign up for and you get many perks for..I hope to be able to upgrade to this position in a few months and that is to be totally honest with you. But, if you want to sign up for just a distributor and that is perfectly fine..To start out it is a $20.00 charge. I know, I know what your going to say…Why should I spend money to make money..I said the same thing but this gives you your website address and your back office. Seriously tho what is really $20.00??? Think about what you really do with $20.00 on a daily basis and then think about what you could do with $20.00 if you would sign up with us and then you have the start to your own business and your future is completely open to make whatever amount of money you want in life. You seriously could make tons of money or you could just sit there and do nothing but wish you were doing something with that $20.00 just sitting in your pocket. So come on just join us and give us a try!!! I am a single mom of 2 girls on disability and I gave it a shot…So if I did, why can’t you?? I mean if you do join and give your $20.00 and you really don’t like it, unfortunately you just spent that money but at least you tried right….I mean yeah after you join there is some work you have to do…Like promoting the company and trying sell the products and getting people to join and then once you do that…Then the money comes in…Honestly if you can promote the company and get people to sign up, you can get people to buy the products, and the people you signed sell the products…guess what you are going to earn money…easy peasy….Seriously that is how easy it is…I am not sugar coating anything and I am being honest about it.

So what do you say…come on join our family and see how much fun we have..http://kkufke77.bodyfxdirect.com or even promote our products..http://getbodyfx.com/kkufke77 See how easy it was to promote the company and our products…

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Are you in the mood to cook, well check out this e-book

Are you a cooker?? Do you enjoy being in the kitchen?? Do you like new recipes and love to cook different kinds of foods?? I love having options for my family and have I got the e-book for you bloggers!! e-licious, is the ultimate recipe e-book for food fanatics around. From dinners to BBQ’s to anything your heart desires!! Guess what I just ordered so folks I can say it is so worth the money…So come one folks lets order it…I love the way its laid out and the recipes are just awesome!!! I don’t know what else to say…lol…Your just gonna have to order and buy it yourself…

Now folks, just scroll down to the bottom of my blog and look over to the side bar and click on the icon for e-licous Must have Recipes!!! Once you click on it, It will take you to the order page and there you can order!!! Tell your friends and family…Heck tell everyone and anyone….Thanks folks and I completely appreciate it in advance!!!

~~Please note: Please be aware, while I am an affiliate of this product, which simply means I do receive a small percentage of the sales on each order by each person. However, I was in no way paid to post or sell this product, I just think this product is a pretty awesome product wanted to share it with my readers!!

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A New Bloggers Resource

I know that I am a mom blogger and to all you mom bloggers and well all bloggers out there as well. Would you like to know how to get companies to get you toreview their products. I know I have looked all over the internet for ways to find information about it. Companies like Sverve do it but its far a few between that I have found. This is the most amazing book around. Resources, Resources…..Thats what you need, So come and check this book out!!! Mompreneu Mogul says it all here in this book, Success depends on you!!! I personally haven’t checked out this book but I am in the process of purchasing this book as it looks to be promising and I am looking forward to finding all the companies. So come on Mom’s and Dad’s check it out and let me know what you find, I curious to know…What do you really have to loose???

Now folks, just scroll over on the side of my blog and find the icon that says~~~ The Most Amazing Bloggers Resource!!! Just click on it and order it today!!! Tell your friends and family, build your blog and get companies and start reviewing their products…Get your blog going like there is no tomorrow….

~~Please note: Please be aware, while I am an affiliate of this product, which simply means I do receive a small percentage of the sales on each order by each person. However, I was in no way paid to post or sell this product, I just think this product is a pretty awesome product wanted to share it with my readers!!

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Are you Pregnant and ready to get fit??

Ladies are you pregnant and you want to continue to stay fit during your pregnancy?? Well, look no further..I have a book for you to check out!!! Fit Pregnancy plan has everything the expecting mommy really needs. It includes pictures, tutorials, step by step instructions, even newsletter reminders, as well as smartphone and tablet friendly layout programs for that ever busy momma on the run!! Quick and easy workouts to follow and target muscles to get the best workouts!! Hey Moms to be, I myself have a 13 year old and a 18 month old and I wish I would have come across this during my pregnancy, this program includes a 12 month stay plan to help you stay and bounce back so you can be not only healthier but SEXIER than before you were pregnant. Can you imagine looking sexier than you were before you were pregnant. I know for me I would have loved that!!! This allows you to workout without taking away from your precious time and energy, that we know we barely have as it is…So come one check it out..

Isn’t it worth, Feeling and Looking SEXIER than before you were pregnant with little bundle of joy…but more importantly being healthy so you can take care of that precious little thing…What is more important. I know that price looks steep but think about what is more important?? After you use it a couple of months, I would think the money you have spent on it will be more than worth it when you see how you feel!!!

Go ahead and find the icon on my side bar, you can click either one. The top one with send you to the website and the second one will send your right to the shopping cart and pay with paypal. It is secure. Thank you and I appreciate it greatly. I hope you enjoy the program and I wish you the best in your journey with motherhood.

~~Please note: Please be aware, while I am an affiliate of this product, which simply means I do receive a small percentage of the sales on each order by each person. However, I was in no way paid to post or sell this product, I just think this product is a pretty awesome product wanted to share it with my readers!!

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Do you need organization in your life???

Are you like me and desperately need organization in my life?? Hey then here’s the binder for you!! I am so serious this has everything and it is so perfect and the price is right!! Or do you need a helping hand learning how to do it, perhaps like I do..shh don’t tell anyone..cause I do…lol..So, I will come clean because I am the most unorganized and I have no idea where to start. I suffer from adhd horribly bad and after searching high and low I have found the BEST book I believe to aid in my skills.

This binder offers To-do lists, Grocery lists, and of course your handy dandy calendars…Its all here in one nifty BINDER!!! So come on and get it…I know I am definitely going to get one..I am telling everyone to get one because if know I need one I am sure it will come in handy for others!! Heck what do you have to loose to have all your things in one place???

Now what you have to do folks is go to my side bar of my blog and find the link called~~Home Management Binder!! There are two links, You can click one either the first one or the second one!! But Folks…Make sure you click one one of them before they run out or the price changes…

~~Please note: Please be aware, while I am an affiliate of this product, which simply means I do receive a small percentage of the sales on each order by each person. However, I was in no way paid to post or sell this product, I just think this product is a pretty awesome product wanted to share it with my readers!!

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Would you like to blog better??

I know when it comes to blogging better I always look around the web for answers… So when I came across this program I couldn’t believe my eyes!! Wow, 52 weeks of Blogging Your Passion!! Heck why not!!! It’s written for bloggers in mind who are crafters, artists and etc. Those who wondered how others have idea’s everyday!! Well, guess what this e-book is for you!!! And Guess What!!! The price is unbeatable!!! $15.00!!! Why not check it out, what do you really have to loose!!!

Now all you have to do is scroll down on the side of my blog and find the icon for 52 weeks of Blogging Your Passion!! There are two icons, it doesn’t matter which one you click on, just make sure you click on one!!! What do you really have to loose when you gain the knowledge to better your blog!!!

~~Please note: Please be aware, while I am an affiliate of this product, which simply means I do receive a small percentage of the sales on each order by each person. However, I was in no way paid to post or sell this product, I just think this product is a pretty awesome product wanted to share it with my readers!!

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This is for all busy Parents!!!

Attention!! Attention!! Have I got something for everyone!!

Your probably thinking I lost my mind, but you have to check this out…

So I’ll explain!!!

Well, I was checking my email earlier and came across and email that led me to a pinterest ad that then led me to an organizing your blogger binder, but wait it gets better!!!

What I am talking about is this…for anyone that has children this is definitely for you!! Are you the type of person that is always looking to find new ways to organize yourself in some way?? To better your children’s school experience?? Or even better, to better your home environment?? Well look no further..I came across this awesome website today that is lead by the name of Susan Heid. Her blog http://www.theconfidentmom.com/ is all about empowering moms, strengthening families, and embracing gods design but that is not what this is all about..
What I am talking about is that she is offering this awesome deal and its called the Back 2 School Survival Guide.
It is an 80 page e-book packed solid with all kinds of guides and calendars and such that any mother would want for a very low price of $14.00.

Unbelievably price, Can you believe it??

It comes as a PDF file and it offers everything you can imagine for the on the go mom or even the busy stay at home mom too!!

Some of the things you can expect to find in the very easy downloadable PDF file is:

– a student planner.
– a master family planner.
– a ton of check lists.
– student information sheets.
– grocery planners.
– family meeting agenda.
– classmate contact sheet.
– important dates at-a-glance sheet.

Now, there’s even fun things included like:
– lunchbox notes, jokes, and quotes.
– family fun worksheets.
– countdown mazes for the kids.

Now, according to The confident mom website, when you go and purchase the Back 2 School survival calendar guide, you must print or save the file within 48 hours or purchasing the product.

Getting back to the point at hand.. The confident mom says, The guide will help you with the following:
~will put your child’s back-to-schools anxieties to rest!!
~help with putting homework hassles to rest!!
~If you have little one, this will prepare for the “Big K”.
~this is my favorite..provide guidance to help your child deal with bullies!!
~keep you child safe with using the internet!!

Now, there are so many more things that I didn’t even cover..that she covers on her website…

By far this is the best ebook out there!!

So come on folks..What are you waiting for???
Just click http://www.theconfidentmom.com?ap_id=Browneyes_KellyLynn

and order your ebook today…There’s no better time than now to order it and never a better price than $14.00

Note:Please be aware, I am an affiliate of the guide,which simply means, I do receive a small % of the sales on each order by each person. but also believe I completely believe in this product. Very few products I am an affiliate for and this is family awesomeness!!!

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Welcome everyone!!! This is just the first day of my new blog, I created this for all my new product reviews for family friendly fun and other reviews and even coupons that I find that I think might be valueable!!! Please stop back when I am up and running totally. I am under total construction so I do apologize but like I said I will be back shortly, I hope you will be back!!!

Until Then…

Kelly Lynn xoxo

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