A mom blog of product reviews, recipes, and anything kid and family friendly!!!

Just a simple mom trying new things and trying to catch a moment with the girls!!!


My name is Kelly Kufke and I created Kelly’s Tidbits because I wanted to create a place where I could review products that were family friendly. I am also reviewing other things that are family friendly so that you will have the opportunity to decide if you would want to use then or not. They are all my own opinions, just so you know!!! I am also posting recipes and other food related things for you as a family could make on a budget, that I myself as a single mother would make. There will be all kinds of tidbits of information on this blog for families to enjoy, hence the name of the blog…Kelly’s Tidbits…Lastly, I am offering you the chance to make some extra money if you wish to with some Affiliate links, that I, myself will review and of course have joined!! Everything on this blog is all by strictly by my opinion my friends and please take that inconsideration when you choose a product I offer or a recipe for your family or even sign up for an affiliate link. Beyond that, I do hope you enjoy my blog because I am putting a lot of time and effort into it and please leave your comments as well. If there is something that you think I can improve, by all means please let me know….

You can contact me at: Ktidbits77@gmail.com


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