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Are you interested in being your own boss?? I did and I am!!!

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Are you a stay at home mom or dad and you just want something to do and make some extra money at the same time or even a mom or dad that works outside the home but maybe wants to make some “rainy day cash”? I know since I am a stay at home mom who is starting college in the fall, I have been for sometime wanting nothing more than starting my own business from home and bring in some extra cash. Now I know that working from home does that dedication and time to really get the swing of it and also to bring in some cash…So one day I approach by someone on facebook asking if I wanted to make some extra money and being a representive/distributor of this new fitness and weight loss company. Now I know that I needed to my own bit of research on this company for several reasons and to my disbelief…I found out nothing bad..not a shred of information that spoke bad of this new up and coming company. The name of the company is BodyFx Direct and they are a fairly new company that is trying to build up their company by promoting it everywhere. They are in the process of starting their infomercials but they wanted to start getting people to join and become distributors or even coaches which are the big guys in the business before they really promoted the company full force. So I said what the heck..What on earth do I have to loose…I actually have everything to gain by getting in on the ground floor of this awesome company before they really get big, if you really think about it. So, Yep, that’s what I did. I signed up and became a new distributor or a representive either one you can call me. Soon after that, I was able to recruit, if you want to call it…two other people under me into the company…I was so excited and that was just by word of mouth over the computer on facebook…Unbelievable, can you believe it. Within an hour of joining the BodyFx family as they consider me, I was able to get two people signed up over facebook. It was that easy..I know what your thinking..Yes its like a pyramid thing but its better than most and you make more with this company, I couldn’t believe it when I went thru the pay plan tutorial. So…Come on join us and have fun while doing it..http://kkufke77.bodyfxdirect.com
Yes, I will tell ya a little, they are a fitness and weight loss company promoting fitness and wellness as well. Their products are all natural and just all around fabulous. I will be totally honest with ya’ll because that just how I am!! I haven’t personally tried any of them yet, but give me sometime and you better believe I am right there. Even tho I have health problems and even tho I have serious back problems I will still give their exercise program a shot…But if your unable to do that, they do have great supplements to that are just as wonderful. If you would like to take a look at them and try them out just check them here…http://getbodyfx.com/kkufke77 They have so many different supplements for all different things or reasons you would ever want. Just check em out and choose from one of them.

Now, I ask you once again…Come join us http://kkufke77.bodyfxdirect.com On our website, you can sign up to be either a distributor or even a coach which is the big guys…this is an awesome position to sign up for and you get many perks for..I hope to be able to upgrade to this position in a few months and that is to be totally honest with you. But, if you want to sign up for just a distributor and that is perfectly fine..To start out it is a $20.00 charge. I know, I know what your going to say…Why should I spend money to make money..I said the same thing but this gives you your website address and your back office. Seriously tho what is really $20.00??? Think about what you really do with $20.00 on a daily basis and then think about what you could do with $20.00 if you would sign up with us and then you have the start to your own business and your future is completely open to make whatever amount of money you want in life. You seriously could make tons of money or you could just sit there and do nothing but wish you were doing something with that $20.00 just sitting in your pocket. So come on just join us and give us a try!!! I am a single mom of 2 girls on disability and I gave it a shot…So if I did, why can’t you?? I mean if you do join and give your $20.00 and you really don’t like it, unfortunately you just spent that money but at least you tried right….I mean yeah after you join there is some work you have to do…Like promoting the company and trying sell the products and getting people to join and then once you do that…Then the money comes in…Honestly if you can promote the company and get people to sign up, you can get people to buy the products, and the people you signed sell the products…guess what you are going to earn money…easy peasy….Seriously that is how easy it is…I am not sugar coating anything and I am being honest about it.

So what do you say…come on join our family and see how much fun we have..http://kkufke77.bodyfxdirect.com or even promote our products..http://getbodyfx.com/kkufke77 See how easy it was to promote the company and our products…

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